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After I (more or less) finished my 1966 Volkswagen Fastback the "Volksback", it was time for another challenge, here it is!

Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

back from the blaster...

In the meantime I collected the floorpan, IRS arms and various bits and pieces from the Master Blaster, Jens Kraft: http://www.sandstrahltechnik-kraft.de/

Here the pan, in a fresh coat of primer, still in the Master's workshop:

parts are looking good again, powder coated or zinc plated:

 the IRS arms:

unfortunately, the bump stop anchors were rusted away:

but, luckily there is an easy cure for that:
 So, I will drill a centered hole in the domes and screw on new anchors!

Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

some work on the Streaker

I de-skinned an old decklid to have special bracket for the streaker decklid:

and today I hauled the chassis to the Master Blaster:
... of course I also took a lot of other bits for new zinc plating / powder coating as well:
(the tie rods are not bend, it is only in the pic...)

the crappy Taiwanese chrome plating has to go!

I am sure those parts will be better as new again... stay tuned for updates...