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After I (more or less) finished my 1966 Volkswagen Fastback the "Volksback", it was time for another challenge, here it is!

Dienstag, 23. September 2014

some mock-up pictures

As I didn't show some actual pics of the Streaker for some time, here are some mock-up shots:
rear view:

a (very dusty) body... gives a first impression of the aubergine / gold color combo

the interieur: almost done!
Seats, sun visors, carpet, padded dash, door boards, Raid steering wheel - all finished!
and: the chromed hand brake lever - of course!

Freitag, 19. September 2014

new rubber

Yesterday the Volksstreaker got its new tyres. Yokohama Geolandar in the rear - a good compromise between on + off road:

  They look beefy enough on the 8" rims

Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

bad quality doesn't pay ...

After more than 1 week I finally got my money back from the dealer which sold a cheap brasilian made part under the label of VEWIB - which was a scam! In the mean time I found a used orignal VW part for a fracture of the price of the aftermarket part!

Montag, 8. September 2014

Confirmed: I still believe in VEWIB quality!

In the meantime I got a personal reply from the Managing Director of VEWIB - which I contacted as well. He confirms that this is definately NOT a VEWIB part.
He sent a real long and interesting mail, explaining some of his business and the market for low cost reproduction Beetle parts in Brazil. This is what I call customer relationship!
Thank you Mr. Kalff! I really appreciate your feedback.

Sailing under false colors!
My personal opinion is that the dealer claimed that this was a VEWIB part intentionally. A behavior I absolutely detest!

I already sent the part back to the dealer and hope he returns the money soon ...

Freitag, 5. September 2014

frustrating, bad spare parts quality ...

I am already used to find a lot of junk whenever I want to buy spares for aircooled VW's.
The latest addition to my list of crap is a reflector for the tail light - the dealer claims it is a VEWIB part - but I don't think so... I was always under the impression that VEWIB cares about quality, take a look:

first impression: not too bad

but: mounting tab too wide -almost 1,5mm to 2 mm

 measurement between the domes: original part: 48,90 mm

spare part:  measurement between the domes: almost 53 mm

as a result it doesn't even fit in the housing!

on top of that, the mounting tab - which should be Z-shaped is crooked

So it is a useless piece of junk which I send back to the dealer!
I really don't get the point, Someone invests a lot of time and money to set-up a stamping tool and when he reaches 70% archievement he just stops and sells this shit?!?