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After I (more or less) finished my 1966 Volkswagen Fastback the "Volksback", it was time for another challenge, here it is!

Dienstag, 10. April 2018

Project update

The Streaker deserved some love, after it wasn't used much for quite some time. I wanted to fix some issues which bugged me since long. As I've learned by watching Roadkill - Making a list is always a good first step:

One of the problems was the rattling drop glass on the driver door, whenever it wasn't fully shut. New window scrapers had to be installed. The outer scraper is part of the chrome frame:

As there was another little issue on the driver door, this could be fixed at the same time:
The door card wasn't assembled properly, it bowed out on the top:
So, the whole door was disassembled and the new frame and scrapers were installed:
(Note the important plastic foil barrier to keep water out outside and away from the door card)

After the door was finished and the glass is now rattle free independent of the position, it was time to remove the exhaust for cleaning, de-rusting and new paint:
No matter which "heat resistant" paint you use, after a while, the header always looks like this...

It looks tons better, I am curious how long it will last this time:

The oil sump had 2 stripped threads, which I heli-coiled (sorry, no picture) and then the stripes were added. This is the realisation of an idea which is already 2 years old, but finally I got around and made it.
This is the initial sketch of my idea and a color scheme:
Even though it isn't exactly as shown in the sketch (because it was just a quick job with no measurements or a picture as basis, the contours are a little different between drawing and real world) I think the outcame is o.k.:
Maybe the next time the width of the stripes shall be a little smaller...

Then it was time for TÜV - it already expired in December of 2017 - 2 years after I got the Streaker back on the streets. Time just flies!
So, today I had an appointment with a positive result - 2 more years on the road!
I really enjoyed driving the Streaker today, but I noticed how much I missed some music on board, so watch this space for more stuff to happen - before the 1st of May Hannover meeting! Also, the roof rack and possibly the light bar will be added soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. Schön old school! Back to the 80's!!!
    Passt! So lassen!!
    Grüße PSN