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After I (more or less) finished my 1966 Volkswagen Fastback the "Volksback", it was time for another challenge, here it is!

Montag, 30. Dezember 2013

Body to pan seal installation

Currently I am attaching the body seal onto the pan. Again, Sikaflex 221 is my best friend.  A bead of Sikaflex around the holes for the screws will help to keep the installation water tight:

The holes for the body screws have been punched out before the seal is positioned onto the pan. Some masking tape will keep it affixed until the Sikaflex has cured. 

 Maybe the body will be fit onto the pan within the next days...

Samstag, 21. Dezember 2013

high grade fine threaded bolts...

... is what you need to mount the rear shock absorbers. Luckily I know of a company nearby which provides almost every screw and nut you can think of, so I bought these:
 I use nylock nuts instead of the toothed washers which VW used in the days (all 10.9 hardware in this pic). Unfortunately you do not get everything in cad-plated / zinc finish...

the only thing missing now is 1 more drive shaft, then I can test fit the body!

everything else is finished, I also started to mount the body to pan seal!

Always a pleasure; shiny new bolts!

Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

Thank you, Anneliese!

Today I finished the remaining brake lines. With the professional flanging tool from (Anneliese) Rothenberger it was a matter of minutes!
(Photo found on www.annelieserothenberger.ch)

Well, the tool is actually not from Anneliese Rothenberger, but from company Rohtenberger - and Ralf was so kind to borrow it to me, so I have to say : Thank you, Ralf instead...
... with the right tools everything can be accomplished! 

I also redid the oddly routed brake line in the rear center, as it was too long in the first place:
before - several s-bends all over the place:

and after:

new brake line left rear:

and right rear:

Oh - and I attached one drive shaft in the mean time...
now I have to order a few nuts and bolts to finally mount the rear shocks! Then I can test fit the body!

Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013

brake lines in kit form

There are still some brake lines missing, so I ordered a 5 meter piece of non-corrosive (KuNiFer) brake line and a few end fittings. I have access to a professional brake line flanging tool. Next weekend I will try to set up the last bits for the brake system!
I'll keep you posted!

Freitag, 1. November 2013

CV joints serviced

During the last weeks my work flow on the Streaker decreased a little, but I was able to dismantle and service the CV joints (at least of 1 axle):
jummy: +40 year old grease:


after a good cleaning season in the parts washer and a repack:
Now, the same procedure for the axle...

New axle boots will be used as well during the assembly process!

Montag, 30. September 2013

gear box: small service

I removed the +40 year old gearbox oil (...which is always a very special treat) and replaced the input shaft seal at the same time:

... after re-assembly of the guiding sleeve I attached a reminder to fill-in new oil before the first run!

rear brakes sorted!

After Jens' comment about a wrong assembled rear brake I fixed this right away!

 ( the upper spring was assembled the wrong way - note the bended shape)

... in detail:

... and fixed! Almost exact parallel - as Ferdinand designed it!

A short check inside the other drum showed once more that Murphy's law is always valid!
What can go wrong, will go wrong!
... this spring was also not in the right position!

 ... and, also fixed! Now Jens and Ferdinand should be happy again :-)
 Note: After several trials I found out that the the black spring clip has also different positions between left and right! Due to the fact that the equalizer bar is used in LH and RH drum brakes, with the exact same shape (not symmetric opposite)  the dimple is sometimes showing up or down, so the spring clip has to be attached accordingly!

Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

rear axle and brakes: a big step forward

the last 2 days I was preparing everything to mount the rear axle bearings, stub axles, drum brakes etc.
Here is what I started with:
new seals and bearings:

 I mounted new adjuster spring plates to the backing plates:

stub axle, seals, bearings, o-ring and backing plate mounted:

all new hardware for the rear brakes:

... mounted: 

 brake drum, e-brake cable, flexible brake line etc. mounted:
right side:

... and left side:

clutch cable with sleeve is also already in place:

 Next on the agenda: drive shafts and shocks...

Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

rear suspension installed!

Today I attached the IRS trailing arms, torsion bars, spring plates, covers, urethane bushings etc.
I re-indexed the spring plates a little, for a higher spring rate:
Heute habe ich die Schräglenker, Drehstabfedern, Drehstabdeckel, Urethanlager usw. montiert. Die Drehstäbe habe ich um 1 Zahn vorgespannt um eine härtere Federrate zu erhalten: 

right side, readily assembled: rechte Seite, fertig montiert:

left side as well: linke Seite - auch schon fertig:

I used urethane bushings and a lot of grease to avoid any squeaking in the future, we will see if it works out right...
Beim Einbau der Urethanlager habe ich diesmal reichlich Fett benutzt um Quietschgeräusche so lange wie möglich zu vermeiden ...

... again, all fresh or refurbished hardware makes the difference, I like it!
... natürlich sind überall wieder aufbereitete, verzinkt / chromatierte oder kunstoffbeschichtete Teile zum Einsatz gekommen - Ich steh' drauf!

front brakes done!

Yesterday I installed the discs and calipers on the front beam:
right side:
Gesten wurden die Bremsscheiben und Bremszangen installiert und angeschlossen - rechts:
(grease cap is also already mounted) Fettkappe ist auch schon 'dran!

... and left side: ... - und links:

even the brake lines are attached and connected! ... auch die Bremsschläuche sind schon angeschlossen!

(the keen eyed might have seen the calipers and discs somewhere else before...)
(ganz scharfe Beobachter haben die Scheiben und Zangen schon mal irgendwo anders gesehen....)

Montag, 16. September 2013

front beam already mounted!

Today I prepared some parts for the Streaker, when my buddy Ralf come for a visit. After some chit chat we mounted the readily prepared front beam. Than I attached all the tie rods, a new steering damper etc., look:
Heute war ich in der Garage und habe ein paar Teile für den Streaker vorbereitet, als mein Kumpel Ralf vorbeikam. Nach dem obligatorischen Kaffee und den üblichen "Fachgesprächen" hat er mir noch schnell geholfen die vorbereitete Vorderachse anzuschrauben. Anschliessend habe ich noch den Lenkarm, die Spurstangen und einen neuen Lenkungsdämpfer montiert:
 ... maybe it will be a rolling chassis by the end of the week?
... vielleicht wird es ja bis zum Wochenende ein "rolling Chassis"?

Sonntag, 15. September 2013

a prductive Sunday!

Wow, today I managed to mount almost the complete stuff onto the pan!
Here are some parts I started with:

pedal cluster mounted:

Master brake cylinder and pedal stop bracket attached:

a new shift rod bushing:

the most important part of the build: the chromed hand brake lever, incl. new brake cables:

the battery hold down bracket:

shift rod and coupler:

frame head cover plate, incl. new gasket:

also, all brake lines are routed. Here I used the old trick again and added pieces of rubber hose to avoid rattling issues:

all the new / refurbished cadmium plated hard ware looks nice and shiny:

right front brake line and new 8mm fuel line, routed through the tunnel: